Camajur Services & Shuttle specializes on getting you to your destination on time. During our hours of operation we are available

for all of your travel needs in & out of town.

Camajur Services & Shuttle include Shuttle Services Around Town with in 7 miles of Dickinson at per person1 $10.00 or $15.00 per person per night up to 4 drops per person per night . 

Dickinson Airport runs $15.00 per trip to or from the Dickinson Airport. Shuttles to other cities for more information call 701-590-3396. Reserve a Bus For A Night Out On The Town in Dickinson at $25.00 per person (minimum 10 persons ) for 4-5 hrs. OR Out of town minimum of $200.00 for the first 2 hrs & $70.00 per hr. there after. A Private Casino Trip to 4 Bears Casino. $50.00 per person Minimum of 10 persons for 2 hrs up 4 hrs playing 2 hrs back. Extra hrs are $50.00 per hr. The package also includes a Gratuity Card that consists of $30.00 gambling money, 2 free drinks, a snack w/ ice cream, and a discount in the gift shop.